Mafia 1930

Mafia 1930

Manage an online Mafia mob


  • Lots of options
  • Free


  • Not for action fans

Not good

Mafia 1930 is an online mafia-management game. Start a Mafia organization, join or start a 'Family', and try to take over the hood

Success is based on managing your money well - buying the right people for the right crimes, attacks or shady business. Prostitution, protection and looting are the order of the day.

The game is played by navigating around the site after a quick registration, you have to hire personnel and start your illegal empire, fighting against other users. Doing this is hardly intuitive, but using the FAQ and some experimentation, you'll get the idea.

The screens have the feel of 1930s America, and if you enjoy action free management games, this will be your kind of game.

Mafia 1930


Mafia 1930

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